Sunday, 11 November 2012

10th of November 2012

Finally the weather was kind to us with a much weaker crosswind than recent weeks & even better, by late afternoon we had complete still over the farm which had planes in the air until well after 5pm.

We didn't have it all our way however as Terry had arranged a series of challenges consisting of grass that was missing, along with piles of pallets that threatened to destroy any aircraft that wandered off its landing course!

We had a good turn out of members & many aircraft made it into the air over the day.

James brought out the 'Old Girl'.

I brought along the Saratoga & the Stuka whilst Paul brought out the mighty Bulldog.

Anthony's hangar.

Curtis' hangar with the all important esky!

Also pictured is Michael getting some help from James to sort out his Katana & welcome back to Stu who brought out his Zephyr for a blast.

Brendon put on a show with his Tiger Sports by taking off with his ailerons reversed which led to some amazing 3D moves followed by his best ever landing!

He also had his PC-21 with him that James put through her paces after Paul sorted the engine issues.

Pilots box with obstacle course in the background!

Waiting in the start-up area - James' Edge 540.

Only one mishap which I think Anthony actually wanted to happen so he could buy a new one!

Dennis & Bob both flew a number of electric foamies whilst Paul flew the wings off that big Pitts!

Thanks to James & Paul who coached me through my first solo take-off with the Stuka & also helping to sort out the flap/elevator settings.

The last landing with full flaps was beautiful to watch!

Here's a couple of snaps from a video of a low pass with James at the controls.

The bar was opened late & because of the excellent conditions the last of us didn't leave until after 6pm.

See you next week.

Cheers, Rob.

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