Sunday, 10 March 2013

9th of March 2013

Apologies for the lack of a newsletter last week; I just couldn't put fingers to keyboard after another disasterous day for me at the farm....for those who didn't hear, my MXS-R was destroyed after the mid flight fracture of a very poorly manufactured carbon fibre wing joiner....

Anyway, on to this week!

After a brief shower early on, conditions at the farm remained perfect for the rest of the day & the small but enthusiastic group in attendance had a great day of flying.

Seen here is Paul, Greg & Dennis watching Anthony go through pre-flights with his Boomerang II which is now running an OS55. (President Anthony can also be seen in the background).

In the above & below photos you can also see my Black Horse Spitfire with a YS FZ-140 which finally had its maiden! (Also note Michael relaxing back in his chair after a few hairy moments with his Katana)!

Anthony spent some time under the expert instruction of Greg which led to his very first solo landing; well done Anthony & bronze wings are surely not that far away! (In the background is Greg's Giant Super Sportster which had a thorough workout late in the day).

President Anthony had his MXS-R humming to perfection along with his electric
Hobby King Domin-8-Trix.

Paul & I hope to have both Spitfires in the air next weekend & are waiting eagerly for Greg to receive his Hangar 9 ME-109!

Thanks to Paul for the maiden & the trim on my Spitty (not that we gave him any choice) & thanks to Greg for the perfect belly landing after the retract servo failed leaving the gear stuck in the up position while I was on final approach! (You've never seen anybody so keen to pass that transmitter to somebody else)!

Dennis flew his SBach to perfection & we saw a new Sbach colour scheme at the field flown with expert precision by Jessie.

With the Refreshments Officer not in attendance it was up to someone else to rise to the occasion which Anthony did with his electric fridge full of icy cold nectar!

We had a few beers & solved the problems of the world, leaving around 5:45pm.

All in all a top day.

See you next week.

Cheers, Rob

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