Sunday, 24 February 2013

23rd of February 2013

The weather just keeps getting hotter & more humid at the farm, but fortunately for the small group of members who came out, the flying conditions just keep getting better & better!

Bob & Bill enjoying the dead calm conditions over the farm.

Bob brought out a very nice foam P-38 that flew perfectly in the ultra calm conditions.

Conditions were perfect for warbirds & Curtis had one nice flight with his Mustang before running into retract trouble which put it out of comission since one wheel wouldn't lock down.

Anthony & I had lots of fun throwing around our MXS-R's!

Dennis had a pefect day of flying both the jet & his SBach 342.....he displayed some silky smooth aeros with that SBach too!

Waiting in the run-up area - lots of flying time available for the small group of pilots!

Only one minor mishap to report when Anthony's MXS-R had a dead-stick close to the ground & had a heavy landing that smashed up his landing gear & muffler......should be a quick easy fix.

(Invisible wheel pant)!

We had a couple of beers & it started to rain lightly as we were leaving just after 5:00pm.

See you next week.



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