Sunday, 18 August 2013

17th of August 2013

Great weather at the farm again, although a changeable crosswind made some landings a little tricky!


Paul & I finally got the double Spitty act up & running again & they sounded as good as ever!

James Jnr assisted James Snr to get into the air with his Venus trainer.

Prez finding the weather a little warm!

Paul gave the Ege 540 V3 a good spanking!

Curtis had a lockout that destoyed his Extra 300 & then his motor fell off his foamy!

Bill's SBach 342 found that flying without a prop is difficult!

Jamie from the CMHC came out or a fly & brought his electric powered Red Bull that had more power than my 30cc gas version!

All in all not a bad day, & we get to do it all again next weekend!

Cheers, Rob

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