Sunday, 11 August 2013

3rd & 10th of August 2013

The weather last week was very average, but there was a few photos to catch up on, including the demise of my old favourite the Saratoga. Seems I had pulled one too many high G manoeuvrers & the airframe had had enough!

This weekend was a very different story - beautiful weather, multiple successful maidens & best of all, no mishaps!

Michael's latest purchase, the "Nemesis"

Difficult to photograph in the air being small & fast, but here goes anyway!

The 'old girl' is a bit easier to capture!

We finally got to see Paul's 72cc twin Edge fly, & what a beast she is in the air!

Plenty of aerobatics on display...

New retracts for theTrojan meant Anthony could fly with the wheels up!

One of the fastest things with a prop ever seen at the farm was Steve's 55cc powered Sundowner. Even a rotated wheel pant couldn't slow her down!

Some final random photos including Graeme's Tiger Moth & Bob's 30cc Sukhoi that he maidened very late in the day.

 Packing up ready for a beer!

We also had an extraordinary club meeting along with our AGM. Special thanks to Greg Wood for sorting out all our club affairs & putting us back on track.

See you next week.

Cheers, Rob

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