Sunday, 24 February 2013

23rd of February 2013

The weather just keeps getting hotter & more humid at the farm, but fortunately for the small group of members who came out, the flying conditions just keep getting better & better!

Bob & Bill enjoying the dead calm conditions over the farm.

Bob brought out a very nice foam P-38 that flew perfectly in the ultra calm conditions.

Conditions were perfect for warbirds & Curtis had one nice flight with his Mustang before running into retract trouble which put it out of comission since one wheel wouldn't lock down.

Anthony & I had lots of fun throwing around our MXS-R's!

Dennis had a pefect day of flying both the jet & his SBach 342.....he displayed some silky smooth aeros with that SBach too!

Waiting in the run-up area - lots of flying time available for the small group of pilots!

Only one minor mishap to report when Anthony's MXS-R had a dead-stick close to the ground & had a heavy landing that smashed up his landing gear & muffler......should be a quick easy fix.

(Invisible wheel pant)!

We had a couple of beers & it started to rain lightly as we were leaving just after 5:00pm.

See you next week.



Sunday, 17 February 2013

16th of February 2013

Usually we hope for still conditions, but with the heat & humidity yesterday we couldn't wait for the wind to spring up & cool things down......

The usual suspects made an appearance & the now familiar tent city was erected with military precision..

Michael's Hangar 9 Katana which was seen inverted meters from the ground several times!

My MXS-R which I finally learnt how to land thanks to assistance from Paul & Greg W.

Greg W brought out his Fokker DVII which struggled a litte in the breeze but performed well along with his MX2 which also did many low inverted passes for the crowd..

Paul had both the Spitty & "Glamorous Glen" the P51 in attendence, however last minute gremlins kept them both on the ground.....

Fortunately no such issues for Dennis who maidened his new Falcon jet with great success!

It was great to hear & smell jet action over the farm again!

Bob brought out a nice Cub, as did Bill.

(New) Anthony did some training with his Boomerang II with the consensus that he needs a bigger engine, maybe time for an OS 55?

Young Pete brought out his foam FW190 but had endless problems with his landing gear - maybe time to get a nitro trainer?

Only a couple of mishaps to report. Michael had a rough landing following an apparent loss of control over an aileron - should be an easy fix.

Bob had a battery die mid flight on his chopper with the following result.

With Curtis the refreshments officer in attendence the bar was opened & a number of us sat & had a beer & a chat until amost 6pm.

See you next week.



Sunday, 10 February 2013

9th of February 2013

Hot, still conditons met us as the turf farm yesterday - pefect flying conditions even if the pilot comfort meter was registering in the red zone!

Lots of photos, although with so many SBach 342's it's hard to tell them apart!

There was pleasure for some & pain for others - this can be a cruel sport....

The early the foreground is Michael's Katana now motivated by an OS 55!

You can also see my MXS-R & Saratoga, along with Paul & Steve's Sbach's & Bill's gliders.

Hmmmm.......we did panic later......

Curtis' immaculate TopFlite P51 which flew nicely prior to running into some engine issues.

"Hurry Home Honey" said our wives never as we head off to the field!

James setting up a Hobby King electric FW190 for a maiden.

Pete, the proud owner of the FW190.

Steve's Sbach 342 that he flew the wings off all day with some wild aeros!

Bob put on a great show with this pusher-prop craft that absolutely screamed!

Then the highlight of the day - the long awaited return of Graeme's Comet!

Scratch built, this unbelievable model would put any ARF to shame!

Here's some video so you can hear those mighty OS's running in hamony!


Graeme put on a great show & was coming in for a great landing when the Comet appeared to tip stall close to the ground. Fortunately the damage was not major & Graeme has vowed to get her airworthy again ASAP!

Thanks for the memories Graeme - what a show!

Now back to Sbach city with Bill aka Fingers.

And Dennis - these things are breeding like rabbits!

Greg Wood & James both flew their Edge 540's to perfection with Greg almost dragging the fin on the ground with some very low inverted passes!

Now finally onto the more painful images.....

First my MXS-R which flew nicely before I nosed in on landing, breaking the landing gear & easy fix & will be ready again for next week.

With two dead-sticks Greg's Fokker finally flipped onto its back & suffered a broken fin - another easy fix.

 The damage to Graemes Comet - not too bad.

The really cruel story of the day was Paul's orange "Don't Panic!" Sbach 342.....

After barnstoming all day with smoke on, the magnificent aircraft went in over the near the back trees for no obvious reason....

 Post mortem time.....

I think I'd prefer to remember the mighty bird this way...

Until next week.