Sunday, 12 August 2012

11th of August 2012

More great weather & a huge weekend of flying with our normal Saturday arvo get together along with the Mareeba Airshow on Sunday!

There is only one way to describe Saturday arvo - MASS DESTRUCTION!

That's Graeme's PC-9 in the foreground that I never seem to get a good photo of - sorry Graeme!

Greg W came out to play with a couple of nice aerobatic machines.

Paul is a new member who came out with a nice trainer which performed very well.

After a little instruction from James using the buddy cable Paul was flying like a pro!

Brendan brought out his freshly repaired Boomerang 60 as well as his F-22 Raptor. (More on the Boomerang later)!

James modelled his suggestion for the new club shirt. (You can vote on this design based on your thoughts under 'Club Polls' located in the main menu of our website).

OK, now the stuff you've been waiting for!

First was Anthony with what is becoming a habit for him lately!

Then followed by Greg G.

Then, not to be outdone, Brendan totally destroyed that Boomerang!

Check the next post for news from the Mareeba Airshow!

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