Sunday, 5 August 2012

4th of August 2012

Another perfect day in paradise brought out the usual suspects.....

James had the trainer cable in action again but Brendan doesn't need much help these days.

It looked like an eagle had attacked Brendan's Boomerang but it just turned out to be covering that had got brittle & shredded in flight!

We saw not one but two of the new Hobby King 'Venus' high-wing trainers - this is Pete preparing to maiden his one & she flew very nicely!

Graeme & Paul treated us to a Roulette's style airshow with both their PC-9's in action.

Curtis showed off his usual silky flying skills with his Super Skybolt.

Bill found the Cairns winter too much to handle & redesigned the pilot's box!

We saw at least four different choppers brought out....

Unfortunately Anthony's 'Rare Bear' went from being rare to being extinct after a high speed crash!

With the amazing weather & general laziness the bar was opened early & all flying was suspended around 4pm!

(Apologies for the shadows in some of the photos - I need to learn to be a better photographer)!

Make sure you check out  'Events & Activities' on the website regularly as there will be frequent updates about things that may interest you!

See you all next week!

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