Sunday, 2 September 2012

1st of September 2012

Overcast conditions at the turf farm meant the planes were a little hard to see against the grey sky but it was cooler than last week & there was lots of good flying to be had!

Anthony maidened his new T-28 Trojan & after a little trimming she flew very nicely!

James enjoyed some good air time with the Fly Baby but continues to have fuel issues causing lots of dead-stick landings! (Lucky he's good at them)!

Simon brought out his awesome T-45 but the lack of a compressor to pressurise the retract system meant he couldn't get her in the air.....great to see & hear it again anyway!

Michael received some more expert tutition from Greg W & his skills are rapidly improving on his Boomerang II. His first take-off is now in the bag so the next thing for him is a landing!

Curtis loves a slow fly with his Astro Hog - a golden oldie!

Greg W threw his Super Sportster around until the muffler fell off!

I finally put the new cockpit & cowl on the Saratoga which brought back her good looks from prior to the palm tree incident!

No good looks here!

Anthony is getting ready for Innisfail by testing out his night-flying delta wing that's covered in LED strips!

Finally, just to prove that even the best pilots can get into trouble, Simon put his MX2 into the cane under full noise with spectacular results!

Just a scratch!

That's a wrap on the weekend's flying news; see you next week.

Cheers, Rob

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