Sunday, 23 September 2012

22nd of September 2012

After a very small newsletter last week, this one's going to be a 'Super Bonus Edition' with lots to report & lots of photos!

The weather's definitely starting to warm up & even though winds were predicted to be light there was still a bit unstable air around.

Paul's beautiful Tiger Moth.

Ian's Extra 300S.

The moment we had all been waiting for had finally arrived when Dennis turned up with his Gee Bee in the trailer!

The 200 size engine ran like a dream but a few last minute issues with landing gear & servo travels prevented her from having her maiden flight - maybe next week!

Stu added an 80A ESC to his Zephyr & we finally saw this unique EDF glider fly as intended!

We also saw Curtis with the Astro Hog & his chopper, Bob with his Twister & some foamies, Greg G with his chopper, Paul P with his trainer, Michael with his trainer, James with his Falcon & Brendan with his Twister.

 Robin & Jay brought out an electric glider which flew very nicely.


OK, now on to the 'Smashes, Crashes & Hits'!

First was Stu with his Tango after a take-off gone wrong.

Then Brendan had a slight problem with low flying of his Twister.

 It's a long walk back.......

Then another one of those palm trees decided to jump in front of a plane! (This one)!

Which put an end to Michael's Boomerang II - lucky his Cap 232 arrives next week!

Where's the other half of the wing? Well, how good is your eyesight?

With the refreshments officer in attendence the bar was duly opened around 5pm.

See you next week.

Cheers, Rob

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