Sunday, 30 June 2013

29th of June 2013

With a full house & perfect weather, there was constant activity at the farm all afternoon.

Good to see the P-47 back in action.

Ian's Extra.

Bill's Cessna.

Lots of interest in this beauty!

Unforturnately Paul battled technical gremlins all day & neither the Edge or the 109 were able to least we got to see the 109 taxi & she looked good!

Of course there had to be some drama & Greg's Edge decided it was a Concord mid flight & dropped its nose, whilst Michael got a "little" low flying inverted & ripped his rudder off after it tapped the ground resulting in a spiral dive into the ground!

Not as much flying as you might have expected on such a good day but it's hard to fly if you can't get your engine started!

Plenty of beers were enjoyed at the end of the day anyway & we get to try it all again next week!

Cheers, Rob

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