Sunday, 7 July 2013

6th of July 2013

Wet muddy conditions at the farm yesterday, with a sky that made it almost impossible to see where your aircraft was at times!

We still had the usual die-hards in attendence, & a couple of planes that failed to launch last week finally got airborne.

Due to conditions I didn't take many photos, but here's Paul's BF-109 just prior to a very successful maiden. It looks mean in the air too!

Bill & James shelter from the elements.

Fantastic to see Steve Cram back in action with his 50cc SBach (left of picture) & he put on a number of shows of precision aerobatics that kept the crowd smiling!

You can also see Anthony with his Mum Carmel who came out to enjoy the weather & kept the boys happy with fruit, biscuits & coffee!

Anthony had engine issues with his Chopper & Matt Hall, as well as a wheel falling off his Trojan just after take-off!

He landed the Trojan dead-stick, missing a wheel, without a scratch - well done mate!

Bill flew his chopper & James flew his P-47 & Scanner.

Dennis had a couple of flights with his electric craft but promises to get back onto his FW190 ASAP!

After we worked out that all was wrong with my DLE30 was a damaged hall effect sensor, which I replaced at the field, the Red Bull took to the air & had 3 perfect easy to fly!

Let's hope for better weather over the next few weeks!

Cheers, Rob

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