Sunday, 21 July 2013

20th of July 2013

Perfect weather at the turf farm yesterday meant a good turnout & some good flying.

If only we didn't have engine issues we would have seen a sky full of aircraft but as so often happens we spend our time trying to get the damn things to run!

The sunny conditions meant I was finally able to get some good photos of Paul's BF-109, both on the ground & in the air.

Paul was one of the pilots to have engine issues & a dead-stick landing did a fair bit of damage to the underside of the aircraft, but the good news is that it's definitely fixable.

James had a couple of good flights with his jet & has his landings sorted again.

Michael got a step closer to getting his Zero in the air & Steve tore up the sky with his SBach & also his new Rare Bare.

Curtis gave his chopper a workout & unfortunately Anthony lost his relatively new MXS.

Hopefully we have better luck next week.

Cheers, Rob

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