Monday, 1 October 2012

29th of September 2012

I didn't make it out to the turf farm this weekend since I had the bright idea of staying home to watch the AFL Grand Final so I could see my beloved Hawks win the hindsight I should have just gone flying......

Anyway, many thanks to Paul Dixon who took some great photos in my absence & was kind enough to send them through with some commentary so I had a few ideas about what went on.

Firstly there was James' new Edge that had a few engine troubles & dead stick landings but should be a good one once the gremlins are worked out.

Next we have Brendan's new trainer which looks great & flew very well I'm told.

Anthony maidened his new Durafly JU-87G Stuka which is done up in 'winter camo' - she flew well & will hopefully be joined by my 'slightly' larger Stuka next week!

Next we have Fingers (Bill's) Cub looking good.

Greg W had just rebuilt the engine on his MX2 & I'm told it performed flawlessly!

Dennis' Gee Bee remains unflown after on-board glow issues forced him once again back to the workshop - maybe third time lucky next week for the Gee Bee?

Last photo is Paul's Bulldog which I'm told had the wings flown off her by not only Paul but also Graeme who had so much fun that he ran her out of fuel & was forced to complete a dead-stick landing!

I'm also told there was a productive meeting held where a set of  Club Rules was endorsed which I will post on the website; there was also two Safety Officers elected in Paul Dixon & Greg Gilboy.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Cheers, Rob

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