Sunday, 3 February 2013

2nd of February 2013

Conditions at the farm started off very hot, but still, with ideal flying conditions for the surprisingly large number of members who braved the intense heat.

The quickly erected tent city helped with the heat, as did the litres of water & later beer!

Coming out for a maiden was Paul's beautiful new SBach 342 runnning the DLE rescued from the Mighty Bulldog.

A precision build which flew with barely a click of trim required.....we look forward to seeing Paul get the on-board smoke system going next week!

Bill Fraser had a number of interesting gliders at the field & can be seen here enjoying the field all to himself!

Bill's hangar.

Michael can seen here putting his Katana together & he threw her around all day with some nice low inverted passes. He's got an OS 55 on it's way which should liven things up even more!

Steve put on a barnstorming show of his own with his red SBach 342 which can be seen here being prepared.

Coming out was also Anthony (x2), Curtis, Bob, James & a number of interested onlookers.

But now on to the gory stuff!

A very unfortunately timed dead-stick out over the back near the power lines saw the end of Stuka Mark II - there will not be a Mark III!

Then the canopy came off Anthony's Red Bull during flight - not a problem you might say?

It is when your batteries are attached to that canopy!

Luckily he still had his PT-17 to fly around & with a Saito 125 humming it was all good!

You can also see (new) Anthony's Boomerang II trainer here.

I'm sure James was heard to say "I'll give you twenty bucks for it"!

With the extreme heat we opened the bar around 2:30pm & we enjoyed a well earned XXXX Gold or two.

See you next week.



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