Monday, 1 April 2013

30th of March 2013

The rain on Friday cleared away nicely to give us pefect flying conditions for Saturday.....well it seemed perfect until a few things started to go wrong, but more on that later.........

Strap yourself in for a bumper Easter Saturday Edition of the newsletter!

Here's a few shots of our standard setup along with safety barriers & pilot's box.


We had a few maidens on the day starting with Ian's 50cc Extra 300.

With a canister muffle onboard she sounded sweet & flew really well!

I had my new 30cc Dolphin Co Matt Hall MXS-R with strengthened wing joiner, also running a canister muffler system

The maiden didn't go exactly to plan, with the discovery that the CoG in the manual was way off, meaning that she was super tail heavy & pretty much unflyable!

Thanks to Paul who grabbed the transmitter from my frozen hands & somehow landed her in one piece despite having almost no aileron or elevator control!

After adding approx 350 grams to the nose it was a totally different aircraft & flew like a dream!

We also had the maiden of James' new jet Falcon which had some very neat wiring & plumbing on display along with very nice overall presentation.

Couldn't miss the opportunity to photograph the three Falcons together being James', Dennis' & Bill's (Fingers).

Unfortunately all three of them left with damaged landing gear, either due to hot landings & wheel bounce, or in Bill's case a low level dead stick. (No major damage to any of them).

Barry came out for another visit & this time brought out a self-designed, scratch built 30cc craft that seemed to fly with a little help from above!

 Now onto the gory stuff!

Anthony & Curtis had a mid-air collision that resulted in the death of both the electrics they were flying (Domin-8-Trix & Extra 300) as well as starting a fire!

Luckily the Safety Officer was on hand to rush out to the flaming aircraft with his hat to try to beat those flames out! (It was James with his fire extinguisher that actually killed the flames but Paul tried hard with that hat)!

Then finally, to add insult to injury, Anthony suffered a receiver battery failure which resulted in the destruction of his MXS-R Matty Hall .........I know the feeling only too well!

A day of highs & lows but that's what we've come to expect at the farm on a Saturday afternoon!

Hopefully next week will see the double Pete 'n Poke maiden for Greg Wood & myself as they're both ready to go! (Mine's the blue scheme).

See you next week!

Cheers, Rob

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