Sunday, 14 April 2013

13th of April 2013

Despite a variable crosswind, the conditions at the farm were again amazingly good considering the weather during the week.

Thanks to Greg Gilboy for very kindly loaning me a decent digital SLR camera for club use - for the first time ever in the CMAC newsletter we have photos of planes actually flying!

Greg Wood resurrected an old classic that hadn't flown for four years, an OS 200 powered Yak 54.

After adding some additional weight up front she was soon carving up the sky!

Now in the air - what a classic!

We had the Pete 'n Pokes out again, this time with more success at flying them together since mine actually stayed in the air!

Graeme had the PC-9 out for a run.

Michael with his Katana.

James' Falcon.

Dennis' Sopwith Camel with Greg demonstating the approved take-off method for a crosswind!

The boys working hard out at the field!

Apologies that many of the photos are grainy due to cropping, but with some experimentation with settings I think we'll get some really good results before too long.

Next week has been designated biplane week, but we will also have the maiden of Anthony's 50cc Trojan which is ready to go!

See you next week.

Cheers, Rob

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