Sunday, 21 April 2013

20th of April 2013 - Biplane (Triplane) Day

Another glorious day at the turf farm with plenty of sunshine & minimal doesn't get much better than this!

I'm still not entirely happy with the camera settings but here goes anyway......

Today was dedicated to biplanes/triplanes of all shapes & sizes. First to fly was Paul's Tiger Moth.

James' Mini Beast was hard to capture in a photo!

Ian with his Extra

Bill's Falcon

Anthony with his PT-17

Graeme preparing his awesome Fokker Triplane

Introducing Anthony's T-28 Trojan

Lots of aircraft ready to go!

Ian's Extra looking good!

Michael's Katana just in frame!

Prepping the Trojan 

Biplane/triplane mania! (I know the Pete 'n Poke is not a biplane but people seemed to want it in the photo anyway).

Getting them all started & in the air!

There was lots of jet action on the day too, but man they're hard to keep in frame!

So, did the Trojan fly?

Yes, but it lost the nose wheel strut in flight which lead to a bumpy landing that damaged the prop, muffler & cowl. All very fixable & she should fly again next weekend.

Late in the day Graeme's Extra shredded a leading edge in flight which did not end well!

Late in the day beers were drunk & stories were week we get to do it all again..

See you then.

Cheers, Rob

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